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It is often more tedious and complicated to build a new home than purchasing a home that is ready for occupancy due to the many details required such as choosing a builder, council approval, building insurance, valuation and payment to suppliers.

Through our Construction Loans, AIMS Home Loans can make the finance process easier for you.

Selected AIMS products allow finance for the construction of property, offering a range of convenient benefits and features* such as no account keeping and ongoing fees, phone and online access, interest only repayment during construction, as well as redraw, option to switch to fixed rate and lump sum/ additional repayments upon completion of construction.

*Features, terms and conditions applying on individual products may vary.

Choose an AIMS Construction Loan suitable for your situation. For a selection of AIMS’ Construction Loans, simply click on the loan name to view all the details:

  • AIMS Complete Variable Home Loan
  • AIMS Gold Standard Variable Home Loan
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