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Own your home sooner with the AIMS Advantage Credit Card1
AIMS and American Express® are pleased to announce the launch of a new credit card developed especially for AIMS Home Loan customers - the AIMS Advantage Credit Card.

As well as offering a range of impressive benefits, the AIMS Advantage Credit Card can save you thousands of dollars on your home loan and help you own your home sooner.

Simply link your AIMS Home Loan to your new AIMS Advantage Credit Card and follow these three easy steps:

  • Simply have all, or the majority of your salary paid into your home loan, reducing the amount of interest you pay1.
  • Take advantage of up to 55 days interest-free2 for all your expenses all while earning Membership Rewards™ points.
  • At the end of the month, you can have the payment of your AIMS Advantage Credit Card balance automatically transferred from your AIMS home loan3.

Enjoy a full range of Card benefits
The AIMS Advantage Credit Card has been designed with the unique needs of our customers in mind and offers the following superior benefits:

  • No annual Card fee in the first year. And, when you spend $5,000 or more per year on the Credit Card, the $25 annual Card fee will be waived.
  • A low 9.99% p.a. interest rate for up to the first six months when you transfer a balance from your other Credit Card to the AIMS Advantage Credit Card5.
  • A competitive ongoing interest rate of 16.74% p.a.
  • 1 Membership Rewards point for every dollar spent on the Credit Card
  • Up to 55 days interest free on purchases2
  • Online Fraud Protection Guarantee6

Make everyday a Rewarding experience
Reward yourself by selecting from two Membership Rewards options Choices or Ascent. Whichever you choose, you'll earn one Membership Rewards point for every dollar spent on your Card.

Choices puts more rewards within reach. Get great value when you fly around Australia with Virgin Blue Vouchers; or travel anywhere, anytime with American Express Travel Vouchers. Plus you can choose from a wide range of retail vouchers, gifts and more all for $33 per year.

Ascent gives you all the benefits of Choices plus the entire world, because you have the added freedom to transfer points to five frequent flyer program partners. With Ascent you get more flexibility and more destinations for just $59 per year4.

Apply Today
Interested? Apply online or simply print, complete and sign the application form and return to American Express at the following address (no postage stamp required):

American Express Australia Limited
Reply Paid 5148
Sydney NSW 1131

Apply for an AIMS Advantage Credit Card
If you have any questions about the AIMS Advantage Credit Card, please call 1300 132 467.

Subject to terms and conditions. Fees and charges apply. All interest rates are quoted as an Annual Percentage Rate. Fees, charges and interest rates are correct as at 1 September 2005 and are subject to change.

1. Only available on AIMS loans where direct salary crediting is available. Interest on all AIMS loans is calculated on the daily balance. For every day your salary stays in your loan account, interest is reduced, which helps reduce the time required to pay off your loan.
2. The AIMS Home Loan Credit Card gives you up to 55 days interest free on purchases, depending on when your statement is issued, whether you have obtained a balance transfer and whether you are carrying forward a balance on your account from the previous statement period. There are no interest free days for cash advances or balance transfers.
3. Subject to sufficient redraw funds being available and exercising 100% sweep option.
4. Subject to the Terms and Conditions of the American Express Membership Rewards program and Ascent partner frequent flyer programs. Frequent flyer program fee may apply.
5. This promotional rate applies to a balance transfer you request on the attached Credit Card application form only. This rate expires up to 6 months from the date the transfer is approved. After this period, the rate will change to your applicable Annual Percentage Rate at that time. Payments made to your Credit Card account are first applied to transferred balances (including transferred balances benefiting from promotional interest rates) before reducing other outstanding amounts, such as new purchases. Minimum payment requirements of the Credit Card account apply to balance transfers.
6. Provided you notify American Express immediately upon discovery of any fraudulent transactions and you have complied with your card conditions, you will not be held liable for any unauthorised charges.

The credit provider is American Express Australia Limited (ABN 92 108 952 085). AIMS distributes the AIMS Advantage Credit Card under an agreement with American Express and receives a financial benefit from members' use of the AIMS Advantage Credit Card.

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